We take our Aikido direction from John Burn sensei, chief instructor of Chishin dojo in Coventry and the only UK direct student of Hiroshi Ikeda sensei. John sensei has trained extensively in internal strength methods as taught by Mike Sigman and is a pioneer in introducing these, also known as 6 Harmonies principles, into Aikido technique. Study of internal strength is central to the practice of Ayr Aikido Club.

We are proud to be members of UK Aikido Shimbokukai ( and through this to be members of the international organisation Aikido Shimbokukai ( This is an Officially Recognized Organization of the Aikido World Headquarters and the Aikikai Foundation (at Hombu dojo in Tokyo, Japan), from whom we receive our gradings ratification.

We are affiliated to the British Aikido Board ( from whom we obtain our insurances and instructor accreditation.

The club instructor is Jamie Lewis, who holds the grade of Nidan (2nd Dan black belt) and has been awarded fukushidoin (assistant teacher) status by Aikido Shimbokukai. Jamie has been training in Aikido for 10 years, and has an interest in developing Internal Strength principles of movement and introducing these into his Aikido practice.



With aikido training you can:

  • Improve your fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility

  • Improve your confidence and learn skills in self-defence

  • Gain access to a world-wide training network and some of the world’s top instructors

About our Aikido training:

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • Aikido techniques do not rely on size or strength

  • We welcome students from 11 years upwards

  • We comply with all South Ayrshire Council Child Protection Procedures

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Join us IN THE AYRSHIRE INTERNAL STRENGTH STUDY GROUP to explore and develop 6 Harmonies movement:

  • A different way of structuring the body to generate power and deal with incoming forces.

  • This involves the study of posture, co-ordination of movement, focus of attention and breathing.

  • While these principles have wide application in martial arts, the study group is not a martial arts class. It will be of interest to those wishing to explore this fascinating way of moving in its own right.

  • No martial arts uniforms are worn in the study group and no association memberships are required to join it.

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Venue and training times

We train at

  • the Citadel Leisure Centre (Squash court 1), South Harbour Street, Ayr KA7 1JB

  • Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm Aikido practice

  • Thursdays 7pm - 8pm Ayrshire Internal Strength Study Group meeting

More information about the venue can be found by following this link:




£5.00 per week
(£3.00 junior / concession)

This includes Internal Strength Study Group attendance


If you wish to continue training after this, you must take out association membership

Internal Strength Study Group (WITHOUT AIKIDO)

£3.00 per class
(£2.00 junior / concession)